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Lara Sim is an artist who has a passion for the sea, all things colourful, and draws inspiration from nature. She has experience in children’s book illustration, traditional painting, and editorial artwork for articles published online.


Three words that describe her are:-
committed, visionary and whimsical.

When not illustrating, she plays the guitar, read mystery novels, and collect a range of vintage Alistair Maclean books.

Follow her on social media and search @larasimart

sky for later character3 idea2 face.jpg



2015 - People’s Choice Student Award - 9X5 Illustrator’s Australia

2015 - Illustre Award 2015 - Melbourne Polytechnic

2015 - Best Traditional Media Award 2 -
Eckersley’s Australia


2015 - Encouragement Award - National Campus Art Prize

2014 - Outstanding Student Award - Eckersley’s Australia

2014 - Printmaking Award - Magnani Papers Australia



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